don’t like

I prefer to accentuate the positive, but here is an incomplete list of stuff I don’t like:

spelling errors on city street signs
bad table manners
mean dogs
most cream-based sauces
dirty bathrooms
plastic bags
that squeaky sound my shell toes make
the republican party
blockbuster video
the crack in my windshield
things that are sour
split pea soup
the new townhouses in my neighborhood
driving in tunnels
toilet humor and/or discussion of bodily functions
birds as pets
perez hilton
people that don’t like led zeppelin

3 Responses to “don’t like”

  1. 1 Kate

    you don’t like squirrels? serious? squirrels are the smartest rodents. love them.

  2. Key word “rodents”.

  3. Hey, what’s so bad about driving in tunnels?

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